Best Prepaid SIM Cards for Italy Tourist 2020

Hey, welcome to another SIM card guide. I have completed my Italy tour a few weeks and thought to share my experience regarding buying a SIM card there. It’s effortless to get a SIM card there. After arriving there, I bought a prepaid SIM card to avoid too much cost on my local SIM. There are some international SIM card options for you if you want, you can take a look.

So today, I am not going to talk about international SIM cards. I am going to share some Italian prepaid SIM cards, these are really amazing and good for using the internet there. If you are going to travel to Italy, you need to know this information. It will help you to get a SIM Card quickly.
So let’s start and take a look at the main content.

Best Prepaid SIM Cards for Italy Tourist
Best Prepaid SIM Cards for Italy Tourist

Top 3 Prepaid SIM Card for Tourists in Italy

Italy has 5 prepaid SIM card companies. Mostly there are three companies in European countries. But Italy has some native companies. Their companies are:

1. Vodafone
2. Wind
3. Tim
4. 3 - Tre
5. Iliad

We have pricked Vodafone, Wind, and 3 - Tre as top three prepaid SIM Card in Italy for the tourists. So in this article, we will take a look at these three SIMs. I hope you will enjoy the entire piece with proper information.

#1. Vodafone Italy

Best Prepaid SIM Cards for Italy Tourist

Vodafone is the easiest and simple SIM card in this country. You can get the SIM for €30, valid for 30 days. And then you can renew the SIM Anytime recharging from their website with your credit card. Let’s learn something more about Vodafone Italy:

• 500 Minute talk times for Europe and Italy
• 15 GB data for entire Europe
• Unlimited calls to Vodafone Italy
• Texting is not included in the package.
• Messenger, Viber, and WhatsApp are free to use.

#2. WIND

Best Prepaid SIM Cards for Italy Tourist

In the list of best SIM card for tourists in Italy, our second choice is Wind. There are lots of people might be surprised to see Iliad on the list, but believe me, I have gotten real experience and I think that ‘Wind’ was incredible in my case. I use Wind in Milan, mostly, and the performance was really satisfactory. Let’s check some more information about this SIM:

• The price is only €25, and it is valid for 30 days.
• 500 minutes calling time
• You can make unlimited call to WIND network.
• 250 minutes in Europe
• 20 GB Data for using in Italy only
• 4 GB Data for Entire Europe
• No texting included in the package.

#3. 3 Tre Italy

Best Prepaid SIM Cards for Italy Tourist

You will get the 3 Tre Italy SIM card only for €10, but Their minimum recharge is €20, so overall SIM price is €30. Let’s learn some more about the package details:

• 300 Minute talk times for all over Europe
• 200 SMS
• 30 GB Data for Italy
• 5 GB Data for Europe
• The package valid for 30 days
• You can renew the package with your credit card for €12

Where to Buy a SIM Card in Italy?

When you arrive in Italy you will see lots of shops with the sign of a SIM card, you can get your card from there. I suggest getting a SIM card as quickly as possible, because you have to get connected with your people and need to check in a hotel, reserve cab, check the map, etc. you can’t do all these without proper internet.
Outside of every single airport, you will find lots of SIM card shops. I suggest getting one from there. Buying from online could be a little bit problematic for you.

Which SIM Has the Best Internet Coverage in Italy?

As we have suggested the top three prepaid SIM card in Italy, I love to announce Vodafone Italy as the best SIM for best internet coverage. I have been to Venice, Milan, and Rome; three cities had fantastic coverage for Vodafone.
So, if your primary target is mobile internet, you can try Vodafone Italy. That will be a fantastic option for you.


So that was the best prepaid SIM card for Italy guide for you. If you need any additional information, please comment below. I will reply with the proper information.

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