Best SIM Card for Umrah in Saudi Arabia

In KSA, there are three main mobile SIM providers. They are going pretty good business and providing good services to their customers. Today we will take a brief look at the best SIM card for Umrah in KSA. Thought our purpose is pilgrim, it’s better to stay disconnected from the rest of the world. But in some case, you might need some emergency services like Taxi, Medicine or need to call your agent. And that’s why you need to have a mobile phone with you.

Best SIM Card for Umrah in Saudi Arabia
Best SIM Card for Umrah

If you get a phone with a data connection, then it will be easier for you to get connected with your all of your need. We highly prohibit everyone to use mobile as less as possible in the pilgrim time. It’s the best time to understand Allah and go close to Him.
Purpose of this article is providing you some information about the best SIM for Umrah. We will review a SIM in KSA and I hope you will be able to pick this for you. Actually, there are three main SIM companies in KSA. We always prefer and recommend Zain for everyone. The three companies are:

1. Zain

2. Mobily

3. STC (Saudi Telecom Corporation)

Your Staying Duration on KSA

Before buying a SIM you need to learn how many days you are staying there. For the Umrah, you need to stay there for almost 25 days. That’s mean a one month package including calling, data and text messages are enough for you. If you don’t know about your staying duration, you might buy the wrong package for you. That can cost you a lot of money. So before buying a package, make sure that.

What Do You Need?

Some people might need data badly and some people may be not. Data price is too much high in KSA. So if you don’t need data or you don’t want to use the internet in the time of Umrah, you can buy only calling and texting packages. That will be really cheap for you.

Package Prices

Different types of packages have different types of prices. To check the price, I suggest you check other SIMs too. You can compare the price yourself and will be able to get one. We found Zain, most cheap and package prices are under control. They offer good packages for the traveler and especially for the Hajj Pilgrims.

How to Get a SIM for Umrah

Zain is available at the airport. It might take almost one hour to buy a SIM. Because it takes time on the fingerprint machine. It is the easiest way of collecting SIM. But if you want, you can buy from any store. That could be a little hard for you. In the airport, they are providing SIMs for the travelers and they have really good packages.

Consider Buying an International SIM

This is not recommended, but if you are an often traveler and travel to several countries often, you need to have an international SIM. We have published a detailed guide on the top 3 international SIM cards for Asian countries. You can check any of these and pick one for you. We have provided details information and review of these SIM cards.

Why we are Promoting Zain as the Best SIM on Umrah?

Best SIM Card for Umrah in Saudi Arabia
Zain SIM

So we are saying Zain is the best SIM for your KSA travel for Umrah. Why is that? Let us clear you. We have tested three mobile operators in KSA but didn’t find the other two too much convenient for a traveler. STC is really expensive to buy and even the packages are out of control for a regular middle-class traveler. If you don’t want to get a Zain SIM, we recommend you to get an international SIM, that will be better and affordable than Mobily or STC in KSA.
Zain internet has really good coverage. You will get connected even in the desert. STC has better coverage than Mobily, but it is really expensive. If you can afford than you can get an STC SIM.

Final Words

So if you want to get a SIM for Hajj Pilgrim, get the Zain. We will come with latest Zain packages information soon. If you need any additional information on that, please comment below. We will come to you.

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