Top 3 International SIM Cards for Asia 2020

People who are planning to travel to Asian countries we have got a good SIM card guide for you. We all have got a phone and we take this with us everywhere. A SIM is really important to make a call, send texts and using the internet. When we move to a different country, the network is totally different. We need to get a local SIM card there. Local SIM card is the best and cheapest solution for travelers.

But in some cases, people prefer using International SIM Cards in Asia. I am going to share detailed about this.

 International SIM Cards for Asia
 International SIM Cards for Asia 

For Business Trips:

Business trips are tied with a tough routine; you can’t waste a minute from your schedule. In that situation, anybody doesn’t get that time to buy a local SIM card. As you know, most of the countries have lots of hassle, rules, and regulation before buying a SIM card. If you are on a business trip and time is money for you, then you must have an international SIM card with you. The convenient part is you can use that card for your every trip in every country. Most of the international SIM providers are letting their customers use their SIM more than 200 countries.

For a Short Time Trip

You won’t want to waste half of your day on a holiday tour. Most of the tours are really short and you want to spend the entire time with your family. In this case, you should have an international SIM card before. It will let you spend time with your family or friends and you won’t need to worry about your calls, data, and texts.

Regular Traveler to Different Countries

Buying a Local SIM card in every country you visit could be really harassing and full of problems for you. When you are an international traveler and often travel across the world, you can’t get 20 or 30 local SIMs that will be hard to maintain. And you will waste lots of your important time. It’s highly suggested for those kinds of travelers to get an international SIM card.

So, I hope you understand the motive behind using an international SIM card. If you think you are a suitable person to use one, then here are the top 3 international SIM card for Asia. We are suggesting you get any of them before getting into Asia.

Top 3 International SIM Cards for Asia

1. WorldSIM

2. OneSIM

3. GoSIM

1. WorldSIM

 International SIM Cards for Asia

For Asian travelers, our first choice is WorldSIM. This SIM has some really beautiful features that’s why we have picked number one. Let’s take a look.

☑️ The SIM card is free and you will be charged if you buy any credit or get a plan there.

☑️ There are three sizes of SIM cards, so it will fit any of your mobile devices.

☑️ The credit or any plan will never expire if you use the card once a year.

☑️ This SIM comes with the free UK and a US number for free. If you wish to add more numbers to different countries, you can do that. They are providing 50 countries virtual numbers.

☑️ Even you can use your existing SIM card number without any roaming charges.

☑️ You can receive free incoming calls from 118 countries and you can use the card in 200 countries.

☑️ The prices for their data plans vary in different locations. You better take a look at their official website for details.


2. OneSIM

 International SIM Cards for Asia

In this list, our second choice is OneSIM. This is a US-based wireless network company that was founded in 2006. This prepaid SIM card is easy to buy from anywhere in the world. Let’s take a look at their features.

There are three varieties in this SIM, Universal SIM, Expedition SIM and Europe. The SIM size comes with three different sizes, standard, micro, and nano. So it’s really easy and simple to fit in any device.

☑️ They promise you to save your 85% roaming charges.

☑️ Make sure your device supports a different carrier network.

☑️ A prepaid card comes with $10 credit for text, data and calling.

☑️ There are two primary numbers in the SIM. You can take Estonian number for Europe region or the US, Canada, Australia, or UK number for worldwide.

☑️ The Europe version SIM costs you $19.95. It is only for the people who are traveling to Europe. They have coverage of 70 countries.

☑️ The Universal SIM costs you $29.95 and you will get coverage for more than 200 countries. For your European number, you will be able to get free incoming calls from 162 countries. This version is one of the best international SIM for Asia.


3. GoSIM

 International SIM Cards for Asia

GoSIM is another good option for you. If you are a regular tourist in the Asian region, that could be one of your best friends. Like their other competitors, they are providing really good data, calls, and text plans. Let’s take a look at their features.

☑️ It has coverage in 210 countries that are the best coverage for any international SIM.

☑️ They claim that they can save your 90% international roaming costs. You must give a try to understand their plans and pricing. You could take a look on their website too.

☑️ This SIM comes with a free Estonian number and SIM price is $16, including $10 credit. So it’s a cheap deal.

☑️ You will get free incoming calls from 135 countries and free incoming text messages from all across the world.



If you need any information on the SIM card in Asia, please comment below. I will try to let you know the details. 

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