6 Best SIM Card for Tourist in USA 2020

A large number of people travel the US every year and you know the internet is a basic need for everyone. Mobile internet is pretty expensive in the US and if you want to use your local SIM for that purpose that could be out of your capacity. But the good news is that there are lots of good and reputed companies are providing prepaid SIM card for the US travelers. Today we are going to share the top 6 best SIM cards for tourists in the USA.

Best SIM Card for Tourist in USA
Best SIM Card for Tourist in the USA

You should follow this guide and use any of these SIMs to save money and get better data, text, and talk experience.

6 Best SIM Card for Tourist in the USA

1. T-Mobile Prepaid SIM Card

2. Cricket BYOD

3. Mint Mobile Prepaid SIM Card

4. Roam Mobility

5. Ting SIM Card

6. Verizon Prepaid SIM Kit

T-Mobile Prepaid SIM Card

Best SIM Card for Tourist in USA
T-Mobile Prepaid SIM Card

T Mobile has special tourist plans and some exciting regular plans too. Right now it might costs around 40 USD for a three weeks plan. It’s really cheaper than another service, because of high speed and larger data volume to use. Some important things that you should learn about the T-Mobile Prepaid SIM cards:

☑️ There is no activation fee for this SIM, it’s free for all.

☑️ 3 weeks or 21 days plan includes unlimited data and 1000 minutes calls in the USA.

☑️ You can call and text over 140 countries with the unlimited data plan of this.

☑️ Its internet is mainly 4G LTE that is awesome according to good speed.

☑️ They have amazing coverage in most of the areas.

☑️ You can share your Mobile HotSpot with 10 WiFi-enabled devices at a time.

☑️ The SIM comes with three sizes, standard, nano, and micro.

☑️ Make sure that your phone is unlocked and compatible to use indifferent barriers.

☑️ It takes almost 24 hours to get activated. Some make sure you bought is earlier your need.

☑️ You can’t reactivate the SIM after the 21-day plan if you buy the traveler plan.

Cricket BYOD

Best SIM Card for Tourist in USA
Cricket BYOD

Cricket Prepaid SIM kit is our second choice in the list for best SIM cards for tourists in the USA. This prepaid SIM comes with three different sizes, Standard, Nano, and Micro. Before buying a Cricket BYOD SIM, you need to make sure that your device is unlocked for other carriers and GSM compatible.
Let’s learn some exciting things about Cricket Prepaid SIM:

☑️ It’s free to register.

☑️ You don’t need to pay any taxes while buying a Cricket SIM.

☑️ Even you don’t need to sign any contracts.

☑️ And most importantly it has 4G LTE coverage nationwide.

☑️ Your SIM won’t expire anytime; you can reload data or other things there.

☑️ That could be your SIM kit for the next US trip.

☑️ It takes around $15 to buy.

Mint Mobile Prepaid SIM Card

Best SIM Card for Tourist in USA
Mint Mobile

Our third recommendation Mint Mobile Prepaid SIM is pretty much expensive than the other two SIMs we have shared already. But of course, it has some interesting and good sides according to the high price. The most common and exciting plans that Mint Mobile is offering is 3 GB Data and Unlimited Calls, Texts for 3 months for $45. That means you will receive a total of 9 GB of Data and unlimited text and calls internationally. Isn’t that amazing?
Let’s learn something more about Mint Mobile Prepaid SIM card:
All the data plans are 4G LTE with really good speed.
Every data plan comes with free unlimited calls and texts, that’s really important for your all communication need.
There is a money-back system in Mint Mobile. You can do that within 7 days.
Other data plans on Mint Mobile are 5 GB for $60 and 10 GB for $75.

Roam Mobility

Best SIM Card for Tourist in USA
Road Mobility

If you don’t care about the 4G LTE speed so much and want the cheapest unlimited plan for data, then Roam Mobility is a good option or you.
This prepaid SIM is offering unlimited data, text, and call for entire for a really reasonable price. You shouldn’t need to sign any contract to buy Roam Mobility.
This SIM comes with three different sizes. Before purchasing a Roam Mobility SIM, make sure your device isn’t locked on network carrier and it is compatible for GSM radios.
This SIM has no expiry date, you can reactive a package again without so much hassle. If you want to use the same SIM on your next trip, you can do that without any problem. Just keep the SIM safely.

Ting SIM Card

Best SIM Card for Tourist in USA
Ting SIM Card

Ting is another GSM SIM Card for tourists in the US. They are providing services nationwide using Sprint's CDMA, EV-DO 3G, and 4G LTE. And even they are providing GSM services using T-Mobile Network.
Ting SIM supports almost every device and the most the interesting thing about this network is it only charges for the actual data, texts and calls that someone has to spend.  A survey has said that Ting customers spends only spend $23 on average for unlimited texts, data, and calls.
Isn’t really exciting?
If you don’t use it, it won’t charge you. There is not any contracts of the exact plan that could be expired, nothing. You just need to pay for the data that you are spending.

Verizon Prepaid SIM Kit

Best SIM Card for Tourist in USA

You might wonder that why we have kept one of the biggest US networks Verizon in the last in this list. There are some reasons, it’s good for regular users in the US, but we didn’t find it convenient for the tourists. That’s why it has ranked number six on our list.
There are no so many things to say about that network. Verizon has really good coverage on some rural areas and their plans are also reasonable. If you are roaming around the country and visiting so many rural areas too much then Verizon should be your priority.


Hey, we have done complete research on top SIMs for tourist in the US and this content is output for that research. We think this will be really helpful for you if you are visiting the US and want to use the internet there. If you need any additional information or if you want to learn anything more, please let us know in the comment box. We will try our best to come with valid information.
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