5 Things to Know Before Buying an International SIM

For travelers and business trips, international SIMs are the best option. We already talked about the best international prepaid SIM card for Asia. I hope you guys liked that one. Today we are going to cover another important option and it’s some really shocking and interesting things to know before buying an international SIM.

Things to Know Before Buying an International SIM
Things to Know Before Buying an International SIM

You are planning to travel overseas, okay but you want to keep communication with your family and friends. If you carry and use your regular US SIM abroad like Europe or Asia, that could be really expensive for you. Anybody doesn’t use them. In this case, you have to get a local SIM or international SIM. We said before that why international SIMs is good and effective for you. Now you have decided to get an international SIM, is that okay? Wait, you need to know some important things before buying one. Otherwise, you may face lots of difficulties.

 5 Things to Know Before Buying an International SIM

Make Sure Your Phone is compatible and unlocked

Your US phone could be locked for different network. If you are traveling Europe or Asia there are GSM supported network and SIM card. Your phone has to support GSM if you want to use a SIM there. There are lots of mobile devices designed on CDMA for US frequencies only. You have to make sure before leaving that your phone is supporting GSM.
There are network locks too. If your network is domestic locked then you can’t use a different location SIM. In this case, your current network provided can assist you. You have to unlock your device first.

Hidden Data Usage on Your Phone

Data plans are really expensive and you have to use data carefully. If there are some options in your phone that is using your too much data then you will find your plan is done within a few days. There is lots of SIMs who will keep using your data in the background, even when you are not using. To get rid of that problem and save your data, you need to turn off every kind of syncs, auto-updates and have to restrict background data using.

Are Incoming Calls Free?

Most of the SIM card provider has a list for few limited countries to get free incoming calls. Before buying your SIM, check that list and make sure that your home country is there. As you know, in the US, there are charges on incoming calls and texts often. But in Europe and Asia, this is not often. You will get lots of providers who are having free incoming call feature.
I am pretty much sure that you will find a provider which has free incoming call feature for your preferred country.

What will it cost you to use the phone number, buying data etc?

Most of the time the prepaid SIM card comes free with a data plan. You just need to purchase a plan. There are different types of data plans depending on different types of requirement. The prices are also varying. Data price in Europe is way higher than India. Most of the plans are monthly based. And I always suggest and prefer monthly packages. All of the international SIMs is able to get renewed. Some of them have plans for the entire year.

Their coverage

Coverage is an important thing. Now you might under how to understand about their coverage? Yes, it is hard to assume. But I think you should check some reviews and users comments on the service. There are lots of forums available who is providing good information on specific SIM Company. So you should take a look at them.


These 5 things are highly important to know before buying a new international SIM. Otherwise, you might face difficulties and it will waste your time and money.

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