Top 6 Tips to Make Your Android 3x Faster Than Before

We all use mobile devices, and Android is the most popular and widely used mobile device platform in the world. The highest numbers of people are using Android. Today we are going to share some tips for Android users. We might face lots of difficulties and slow performance when we use our Smartphone. But still, we can make them faster using some tips and tricks.

Top 6 Tips to Make Your Android 3x Faster Than Before
Top 6 Tips to Make Your Android 3x Faster Than Before

Today I am going to share top 6 tips to make your Android 3 times faster than before. If you can follow these tips properly, I hope you will be able to experience better and faster performance from your device.

#1 Keep Your Home Screen Clean and Simple

The home screen is an essential option for your phone. You have to keep your home screen clean. This does matter in case of your phone speed. If you keep your home screen clean, you will be able to experience faster performance.
Don’t keep lots of icons and usual things on our home screen. Just keep some most important icons that you are using always, such as Messages, Camera, and Gallery. We suggest keep up to 6 icons there. If you keep more than 6 icons, that doesn’t look good.

#2 Uninstall Usual Apps, Disable Phone Default Apps

Top 6 Tips to Make Your Android 3x Faster Than Before
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We have lots of apps in our device by default. But we don’t use most of them. So what to do about them? I suggest you go Application Settings and find the apps that you won’t use and disable them. If it is possible to uninstall, then uninstall them.
Don’t keep usual apps if you are not using that. Only keep the apps that have priority and using need. I have found lots of guys are keeping games in their device that they never play. That’s not a good thing. You need to keep your RAM free, that’s the biggest factor for speed.
And most importantly, stop using big size apps and games. Try to find your needed app with lowest size. It will take less space on your device memory and keep your phone fast.

#3 Don’t Use Animations or Live Wallpaper

A thing that lots of people do to keep their wallpaper attracting is using live wallpaper or moving animation. Remember, it has lots of disadvantages. You will find lots of amazing still images and wallpapers for your device from Google Wallpaper. You shouldn’t use live wallpaper if you are concerned about your device speed.
It will decrease your battery life too. And make your phone slower than before. So find your static wallpaper and remove your live wallpaper or animation from the phone.

#4 Clear the Cached App Data

Top 6 Tips to Make Your Android 3x Faster Than Before
Clean Cache

People don’t do that at all. I have never seen something clearing the caches from the app data. By do you know you might free up lots of space in your ROM and experience a faster performance after clearing your caches?
So go to your app setting and find the apps and take look at how many spaces they have taken and how much memory they are wasting for their caches. Just clear them.

Warning: While clearing your caches, you might lose some app data. Suppose if you clean Google Chrome caches, you might lose the previous browsing history. If you clean a game app data, you might lose your previous playing data. But thanks for ‘Google Play Games’ for saving most of our online game data in the cloud.

#5 Turn Off Auto Sync

Auto Sync can be really annoying and that will even waste your internet. You might experience a low speed in your browsing. Go to setting and turn off every type of auto-sync.

#6 Reset Your Phone after Every Four Months

There are some experts who are saying to reset your phone after every six months. But I have found reset device after every four months is important if you want to keep your device on top speed. It will give you a really great experience on using.
After resetting your phone, you need to remove all the default apps that you don’t use and install only the important apps that you have to use often.


We have come with these top 6 tips on speeding your device, I hope if you follow these tips and tricks you will get a really awesome experience on phone speed. Phone speed is the first priority for a Smartphone user. If we face slow performance it is really bad for us.

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