Why Should You Use DU SIM in UAE as Tourist?

If you are planning to travel UAE soon then this guide is going to be really important for you. We all know that the internet is being a basic need for everyone in the world. So if you are traveling somewhere, you need to be assuring about their internet service, especially mobile internet services. Today we are going to share why ‘Du’ is the best prepaid SIM card for the tourist in UAE. I hope this guide will be resourceful for you.

Why Should You Use DU SIM in UAE as Tourist
Why Should You Use DU SIM in UAE as Tourist

If you want to use your local SIM there, you can. But it will be really expensive that you can’t even think. In another hand, if you get some good data plans from Du SIM in Dubai, you will be able to get connected on the internet and communicate over 185 countries in the world.
Getting a SIM card in UAE is not that easy. There are lots of strict rules that you have to follow before getting a SIM. But recently the Du has changed everything. And it has been really simple for anyone to get a SIM. Before arriving in the UAE, make sure your device support GSM network with a different barrier.

Du Free SIM Card for Tourists

The most interesting thing about Du SIM is they are giving the SIM to the tourists for free with complimentary talk time and data plans. Complimentary data or talk time is not so much, but it is really good to get a SIM without so much rules and regulation.
By the way, free Du SIM is available for Dubai only. I think it’s enough because most of the people visit Dubai in the UAE. General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai has taken this initiative to make traveling easier in Dubai. Any tourist who is above 18 years old can get a SIM card at the airport.
This SIM card will be valid for a month with free 20 MB data and three minutes bonus talk time. You have to buy a data or talk time plan after getting the SIM. They have started this initiative a few months back and already provided more than 12,000 SIMs. They want to make traveling is Dubai safer, easier and most entertaining.
As you know your SIM will be expired after a certain period. But if you are an often visitor in Dubai, you can renew it with your passport and valid Visa. Isn’t interesting?

Data and Talk Time Plans for Tourists

There is a totally different level of talk time and data plans for tourists. Let me share a few of them.

Package Details
150 MB+10 Flexible Minute for 3 Days

Dh 25
500 MB+20 Flexible Minutes for 7 Days

Dh 55
2 GB Data+40 Flexible Minute for 14 Days
Dh 110

These packages are for the tourists there.
Du is the best option for the traveler who is exploring Dubai for a short period. On the other hand, there is another option for you that we will share below.

Why Should You Get a Prepaid SIM in UAE?

There are some reasons behind getting a SIM in the UAE. Let me clear the reasons.

↪ Maybe you are using wifi in your hotel, but when you are exploring outside you must need a mobile internet connection to use the internet and keep communication with the rest of the world. It is not possible except having a prepaid SIM there.

↪ There are lots of things that you can’t do except for a good internet connection. Suppose you need to see a direction, you need to contact your travel consultant or something like this. If you don’t get a SIM there, you won’t be able to do all of these.

Overall, getting a SIM card in the UAE is really important.

Alternative SIM Option for UAE Travelers

If you don’t like to use Du, you have other options too. You can have an Etisalat tourist SIM card for you. They are also having good travel plans and packages. You have to buy the SIM from an official shop. This SIM is not given free like Du, that’s the only disadvantage of this SIM.


We are suggesting you to get your SIM is Dubai as soon as possible after getting yourself out of the airport. It’s a really important thing that you need to have. If you need to learn any additional information, please comment below. We will be happy to help you. And if you need all kinds of mobile operator news, offers, packages, and tips then please be with SIM Settings.

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