Public Mobile APN Settings LG G5 | 4G LTE APN in Canada 2020

In Canada, Public Mobile is a really popular mobile internet provider. In this APN guide, we have provided Public Mobile APN Settings for LG G5. This setting is applicable to other LG devices too. Using this setting you can configure and active internet and MMS in your device. I am sure this guide will make your effort really easy and simple.

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Public Mobile APN Settings LG G5
Public Mobile APN Settings LG G5

Public Mobile 4G LTE APN Settings for LG G5 in Canada

To set this setting in your LG G5 device, you need to find APN settings from Setting > Network or Wireless > Mobile Network > Access Point Names
If you find any other APN’s then you need to delete them and need to create a new APN following this.

Public Mobile
Not Set
Not Set
Not Set
Not Set
Not Set
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port:
Authentication Type:
Not Set
APN Type:

APN Protocol:
APN Roaming Protocol:
Enable/Disable APN:
APN Enabled
MVNO Type:
MVNO Value:
Not Set

Check This Photo for More:

Public Mobile APN Settings LG G5
Public Mobile APN Settings LG G5

Public Mobile APN Settings – How to set it On Your LG G5?

We have provided all the data that you need to use in your APN setting. So you just need to find the APN Settings in your LG G5 device and add a new APN with all these settings. And create a new one and save it. Your phone will get connected with the internet. If you still face a problem, you need to restart your device. You may find plenty of guides on YouTube.

How to Activate the Internet in Your LG G5 Using Public Mobile?

This is really easy to active internet in your LG G5 using Public Mobile. You just need to add this APN proper as we have shown you in this guide. Then restart your device. Make sure and recheck the spellings. Then your internet will get activated automatically.

TIPS: Be aware of spelling. If you make any mistake in spelling, then your internet will not get a start. After adding the new APN, you just need to save it and restart your phone. Then you will see your internet has been activated.

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